Since we’re on the topic of creative changes, one of the things that was a big discussion point for a while was Gail Simone being on and off “Batgirl.” With Gail now reinstated on the title, I have to ask — how much was fan outcry and fan support part of that creative editorial decision?

Harras: What we had was Ray [Fawkes] coming on for two months to help out, schedule-wise. We’re very happy Gail is back; she’s on the book moving forward, so to me, that was a moment in time where we were just looking for Gail’s next plot to come in and we’re moving forward.

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Follow-up question: “When the news broke, Simone herself said that she was informed she was no longer the new writer. That doesn’t sound as temporary as simply waiting on her next plot. Can you expand on what happened here? Was there a miscommunication?”

Don’t let these people rewrite history and use your platform to do it.

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Seriously, this was the biggest Debbie move. Harras totally sidestepped this question and pretended Gail was never fired. Any journalist with half a spine would’ve pressed for a follow up. Not just shame on Harras, shame on CBR for being more concerned with pandering to DC than pursuing the truth.

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  8. taterpie said: Why would Gail even want to work at a place where 1. they didn’t want her 2. everyone gets treated like shit? She must be concerned she can’t draw on any other titles.
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